Scorecard, powered by Engage, is a one-stop Campaign 2016 digital snapshot designed to measure the performance of Republican and Democrat presidential campaigns based on each candidate's social media activity and fundraising totals.

Specifically, our team has automated the process of aggregating and displaying real time hourly statistics in a visually appealing, easy to navigate, and mobile-friendly format.

Public, open source channels are used to obtain social media updates including the number of Facebook likes and mentions, Twitter followers and tweets, and YouTube subscribers and views.

In an effort to draw a correlation between social media engagement and financial support, Engage created a column to track the amount of money raised by each campaign. The latest information is obtained from publicly available data sourced by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) website.

Users can either choose grid or list format with sortable data within each column. All of the 2016 presidential candidates are listed for general comparison but they can also be sorted by political party. For those seeking additional analysis, the latest data is available for download in text-based or spreadsheet formats.

At the beginning of Campaign 2016, there were 22 candidates (17 Republicans, 5 Democrats) who officially announced entrance into the presidential race. As the process continues, candidate images on Scorecard will be faded for suspended campaigns or if one's candidacy is deemed no longer viable.

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Engage is not affiliated with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or the FEC. Where applicable, social media icons, API and source statistics collected and displayed on Scorecard are the property of respective outlets.

Scorecard was developed for informational purposes only. Results do not guarantee political outcomes, imply endorsement or necessarily reflect the opinions of Engage employees or clients.